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Best Real Estate Agent in the Valley

I really like Marcelle McGee as a Realtor. In my opinion, she is the best real estate agent in the valley. Very good with all people, and very dedicated. Use her to buy or sell, NOW. Yes Now.

- Jason Casaus January 17, 2018

Our worst fear or concern with going with a new realtor was based on the experience of buying our first home. We bought during the housing boom in 2006 and our Realtor had only 1 year of experience. During the buying process, the lack of experience became evident. This time around my wife and I being more mature and learning from our past house, we wanted a Realtor who knew the business and had a passion for helping families find their dream homes. Our fears did not come true. Instead, we met Marci a little under a year before we were ready to buy a house.

My wife met her at a random open house before we were even shopping for a home. Sometime after that, Marci came over to introduce herself to me and even brought over a hummingbird feeder as a gift. Marci and her team helped us get our credit score higher during that year so when it was time to buy the house we were ready. To me, that is the difference that she brings to the home buying experience.

The best part of buying a home this time around was Marci’s decades of experience. Marci was able to provide a solution for each individual and unique situation. If she could not she would provide a resource that could. Our house experience was not free of its usual frustrations and headaches but Marci was right there taking care of every obstacle with us.

Marci is a true Realty Rock Star that has decades worth of knowledge and a true passion for helping families find a home. Almost 2 years now of knowing Marci and We can say she is always present and truly concerned with getting families into the home that fits their needs before, during, and after buying a home, & the gifts from Marci on the Holidays is also a nice touch…

Marci is our Forever Realtor we will be using her again when we buy our next home in 5 -10 years.

- Angel Gonzalez January 17, 2018

Marcelle was absolutely amazing in assisting us with the purchase of our first home. We honestly had no clue what to expect or even what we were doing so you can only imagine all the questions we had. Marcelle remained patient with us and very thorough through the whole process. She made sure everything was done properly from paperwork to the inspection. She was so fast in putting in an offer and I believe it is the reason why we were able to purchase the house of our dreams. My favorite part of buying was going to look at the different homes which Marcelle had no problem taking us to any house we wanted to see. I highly recommend her as a realtor because of her expertise and great communication skills.

- Kemi Akinbinu January 17, 2018

Before hiring Marcelle, I was fearful that my offer would not be accepted. I worked with another real estate professional and had my offer rejected four times on account of being a first time home buyer. Marcelle helped me be successful on our first offer, and I am proud to say that I now live in a beautiful home thanks to her!

When purchasing my first home, it was definitely out of my comfort zone at times, and I asked a lot of questions, but I loved the process at the same time. I loved visualizing what my home would be like, and how I would make it my own. I also loved the experience of learning something new that I will take with me for life!

I highly recommend Marcelle’s services to anyone, including those closest to me. I would let my friends and family know that Marcelle deeply cares for her clients and always maintains a high professional standard. She is a joy to house hunt with!

- Kristen Bradley January 17, 2018

My biggest fear before hiring Marcie McGee was, of course, her not being able to find exactly what I wanted. I know I was extremely difficult when it came to finding the right location, finding what was comfortable, what I could afford financially, and what felt like home. Marcie went above and beyond to find me my beautiful house. She always kept me updated with new listings and gave her input on what she liked and disliked. She would give me knowledge on knowing the square footage of a house and an estimate of the electric bill so I could have an idea of what my monthly expenses would be which I found out to be VERY helpful.

Other than the awesome experience of looking at houses, I would say what topped the overall experience of purchasing my house is how Marcie greeted me to my new home. When I arrived at my house to receive my keys, there was a LARGE red bow on my door and a housewarming gift inside. I never thought I, a single parent who works full time and who is a full-time college student would have been able to purchase at the age of 21. Marcie made that happen for me and I can’t thank her enough.

I would absolutely recommend Marcie to my best friend. She is very intelligent, knowledgeable and really does care about her clients' needs and wants. She is also very respectful and has a very bright personality.

- Courtnie McGee January 17, 2018

I recently hired Marcelle to help me sell my current home and also purchase a new home. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know her level of experience and I wanted to make sure I got the best deal and advice possible. It turned out that Marcelle was quite knowledgeable about the entire process and any questions she couldn’t immediately answer, she found out and let me know. I was pretty picky about my requirements for my new home and she was very patient and helped to ensure that I bought something that met my needs. Searching for a home with someone who is professional but personable made the whole process much more enjoyable.

- Lynn Becker January 17, 2018

My biggest fear was finding a place we loved (and could afford) but missed out on because of the way the world works. You worked with us to keep us on track and budget to find us a home that worked well for us. Working with an experienced agent to get us through the crazy new world of buying a home. Professional, experienced, diligent and can handle a big challenge.

- Danyell Schastny January 17, 2018

She’s incredibly reliable and trustworthy. She’s consistent. She has this positive energy that she exudes in everything she does! If you are buying or selling a home she is definitely your gal.

- Terra-Rose Ganem January 10, 2018

Very caring. She really cares for her customers. I will definitely recommend Marcelle to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a home.

- Freddie and Maricela January 10, 2018

She is very adaptive. My husband and I could not believe how stress-free the process was. She was so attentive to every need that we had.

- The Snow Family January 10, 2018

Sincere. She’s not just trying to sell a house. She cares about people and their families.

- Kenneth and Patty Garcia January 10, 2018

Real Estate Goddess with amazing attention to detail.

- Angel and Kendy Gonzalez January 10, 2018

She went far and beyond. She made sure everything was very seamless.

- The Curries January 10, 2018

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